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Lou DelGrego's Italian Diner

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Our Story 



It's always been about Tradition!

Growing up in an Italian kitchen was very special. You learned about your family, how to cook and how great food brings people together.  My passion for this cooking was fired early on from all those Sundays and family holiday get togethers cooking with my "Nonnie"- my very Italian grandmother who while short in stature, made a huge presence wherever she was. I never knew the lessons (and many recipes) I learned in that kitchen would be such a lasting joy and constant all my life. It took some time to see it, but through all life's ups and downs and its turns, Cooking the freshest authentic Italian dishes I was so fond of growing up-countless times gave me peace when uneasy, centered me when off course and lifts me up when I feel down. It also has kept my grandmother close to my heart through cooking all these years. 

What's it Take to care this much?

Short answer?? Alot!!!

Sourcing ingredients is as important as how to prepare them, especially when demanding authenticity. I personally drive 4hrs each way to get ingredients that are Certified Italian imported for much of them while sourcing the freshest local ingredients when in season for the best of both worlds. So when you see us out there, know that I've recently been on an extensive road trip to bring you fresh imported goods prepared to very demanding standards aboard the restaurant. I make every dough for every pizza and its never frozen whether its Sicilian pizza or Neapolitan pizza. If I'm offering pasta, sausage or meatballs that day, it was made fresh from scratch on board using certified imported ingredients. You will taste the difference, and we believe its worth the extra work to give you this experience. 

So What's in a Name?

When your last name is "Porter", I get asked frequently where I came up with the name

"Lou DelGrego's". 

I love being asked because I enjoy the feeling of pride I get by the answer. My dear "Nonnie's" name was Lucille DelGrego. Subsequently we passed that name onto our daughter as her middle name. "Haley Lou Porter" reserving the full name of "Haley Lucille Porter" for only those times when something demanded stern parental intervention.  Fortunately, she heard the shorter version much more than the reserved one! This name celebrates our families' past, present and future across 3 new generations of the same cooking. Haley often can be found helping me make scratch pastas, fresh sausages, doughs and beyond as well as helping out during services aboard the restaurant alongside myself, wife and friends when she's home from school! 


 The portion of my Italian heritage I fully celebrate is from a little known province  (less than 21 sq miles and typically a population less than 4,000) called Gio Sannitica. Its  about 45 minutes from Naples in the Campania region of Italy.  Naples being the birth place of Pizza only further fuels my passion beyond my own families' heritage for excellence and authenticity in all my cooking. For me , its so much more than pizza and pasta. Its about bringing a taste of Italy where ever you ask me to bring it. This comes through in everything offered

So taste the difference and let me show you why respecting tradition is so important.  I love what I do and you will taste the passion in everything that goes over the counter. 



"Amare, ridere e vivere con passione" 

"love, laugh and live with passion"

Shaun M. Porter





Private Events


Remember Lou DelGrego's is a mobile Italian kitchen offering walk up services all across a wide area of locations and public venues.


But we cater for all occasions! 

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